Daily Essentials – Luxurious Lingerie

Primark Lingerie, Purple, Bows, Lace, Satin, GlamourPrimark Lingerie, Pink, Lace, Satin, Glamour

No day would be complete without some gorgeous lingerie. Some women love handbags, some women love shoes but my addiction is lingerie. La Senza used to be my second home before its re-brand where prices have gone up and the style have become more neon and night club than the old school glamour I loved it for.
Luckily Primark came to the rescue and filled the La Senza shaped hole in my life. Much to my surprise some of their newer range looks a lot more high end, what you would expect for double the price. These are a couple of sets I picked up last month which I love. Being a girly girl I think lingerie is important in making you feel your best, whether its just you seeing  it or that someone special. 

Here’s a roundup of some other sets that  adore 
Primark Lingerie SS14

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Lush Bath Ballistic – Father Christmas

I asked for some Lush goodies for Christmas as I knew when I moved out I could finally have baths again! I was a bit too crazily excited about this for weeks. This is also why the bath ballistic I used was from the Christmas range at Lush and is shaped like Father Christmas. The bath scene below looks like it could have been from the movie Ghostbusters, it started a red colour and quickly morphed into the green colour below. Overall I was fairly impressed with this bath bomb and it made a fun treat.
Lush Father Christmas Bath Ballistic
Lush Father Christmas Bath Ballistic
When Lush first opened in Crawley it quickly became known as that shop that smells, to be fair you can literally smell it from quite a bit up the street . Naturally that doesn’t really bother me as when you select products the smell becomes less overwhelming. I love that their products are all natural but unlike other eco-friendly brands they have a bit of fun with it.
You just can’t beat a lush bath to unwind just make sure you clean the bath after as others may not appreciate the glitter, flowers etc the bombs leave behind.

What is your favourite Lush ballistic?
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Weekly Loves #6

Soap and Glory, Pink Roses, Collection, Purple Smokey Eyeshadow, Valentines, Card, Sheep, Snuggle Toy

Its been a whirlwind week for me, lots of tough decisions due to my poor health and it looks like my life is going to change whether I like it or not, unfortunately I had to leave my new job for the time being something I wasn’t keen to do but fainting most days is not a desirable employee trait. The team were really sweet and got me the pink roses above and a lovely card with the cutest spaniel puppy on it (my desired dog when we have a place where we can have a pet). 

In all the craziness of work problems and a hospital visit Valentines seemed to suddenly appear and I wasn’t as prepared as I normally would be. I love Valentines, I love all holidays but being a romantic/novelty lover the day has a special place in my heart. Yes I am that girl that coos over all the heart shaped memorabilia that invades all the shops round this time of year. I’d happy buy it all but luckily people stop me.
My boyfriend got a very appropriate card with the message “I love you even though you are WEIRD” particularly fitting considering things of late, he also gave me some slate coasters. Everyone at work ridiculed him over this however I have not shut up about getting slate place-mats and coasters for the last month or so which made it a perfect gift for me. The funny sheep thing above was also a Valentines gift, its one of those heat in the microwave lavender scented things. I have yet to come up with a great name for my new snuggle buddy. 
I purchased The Collection smokey eye palette in purple last week and it’s become a daily go to ever since, expect a more detailed review soon.  
Most of Saturday I spent cleaning the house and then spent some time pampering with Soap and Glory products and catching up on blogs and YouTube videos. Today will be filled with family visits, sorting out food for the week now I’m attempting to become a domestic goddess for now and some much needed down time with the boyfriend. 
Hope you all had a fantastic Valentines and are having a great weekend!
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Little Update

Travel Mug, Champagne, Gel Nails

So its been a few weeks since I posted anything which wasn’t the plan but moving house really is as stressful as people often claim, who knew! Combined with a fainting condition and a new job which is pretty demanding I’ve mostly been trying to just stay awake lately. This past weekend has been the first in awhile where I’ve had some down time cue a pampering session with some Origins products, shopping and getting my nails re-done. I also got time to have some meals with family and friends and see Robocop.

Hope you all had a good weekend!
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Home Decor Inspiration

It’s now ten days before I move in to my new place, cue lots of frantic attempts to source furniture, accessories and kitchen bits. We have been very lucky and both our families and even colleagues have helped us out.
Recently I have developed an obsession with the idea of using grey as the main colour for home accessories in our house personally I blame this on to many hours on Pinterest. 
While staying with one of my friends from uni at the weekend I managed to find what I believe is the perfect duvet cover. Yes its a satin like fabric, and yes there is a genuine band of diamante going across it (my boyfriend loves this ofcourse) and its borderline Towie inspired but a girl needs to add pretty touches to a place. 
I may have also promised that would be the only sparkly accessory. Now I just need to find some fairy lights (not just for Christmas) and find a way of saving for a cuddle chair (not as strange as you’d first think). 

Grey Home Decor Inspiration, Living Room, Bed, Fairy Lights,
Images courtesy of Pinterest

What do you guys think?

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Beauty Favourites 2013

Hi everyone! I know these are doing the rounds but here are my beauty favourites for the past year

2013 Beauty Favourites, Body Shop, Bronzer, Dior, BB, Stila, Eyeliner, Benefit, Mascara, Alpha H, Liquid Gold, Revlon, Lip Butter, Clinque, Blusher

Alpha H Liquid Gold This is the only skin care product that I have ever tried that produces visible effects overnight, this will do wonders for your skin, so worth the price tag.

Dior BB Creme –   I have since had to find a cheaper alternative as we are in January and with moving out etc money is tighter.(Sleek’s BB creme if you are wondering) However I do love this product, it feels amazing when you put it on and creates great matte but still glowing look.

Clinque Fresh Bloom All Over Colour –   I got a smaller version of this as a freebie but would definitely recommend purchasing this as it provides the perfect colour for a daytime blush combined with a touch of highlighter.

Revlon Lip Butter –   I love lipstick but I always want a product that moisturize my lips at the same time, cue Revlon lip butters. There are loads of great shades to choose from and I have purchased several this year and have no intention of not continuing to build my collection as they are wonderfully pigmented too.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer –   I would describe myself as ghostly pale so finding a suitable bronzer can be hard as most appear too orange or dark. This bronzer is perfect for pale skinned girls and is reasonably priced.

Stila Seeing Stars Smudge Kit Set –   I got this in the January sales last year and it was such a bargain, I used it daily for months. The colour selection allows you to create a variety of different looks and the texture of these make them great for blending for a more subtle look or layering to build a vivid flash of colour.

What were your favourites and what do you want to try this year?

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My Favourite Perfume

Calvin Klein Down Town, Perfume
I love perfume and wear it daily as I just feel naked without it. Unfortunately I had ran out of my Calvin Klein Euphoria in November but couldn’t afford to repurchase before Christmas so I spent a whole month using cheap sprays etc which was not much fun. However it seemed silly to buy a bottle when someone will always get you some for Christmas as its an easy present. 
I have always worn Calvin Klein perfumes since I was younger and CKin2u was all the rage. Although I’ve branched out to others such as some of Narciso Rodriguez’s range but always found myself drawn back to Calvin Klein. I absolutely loved Euphoria and have very fond memories of wearing it as it reminds me of when me and my boyfriend first started dating and things in my life first started to all come together. 2013 was a great year in that respect as so much finally made sense and I did quite well at chipping away at many of my goals. 
So with 2014 being a new year and a new chapter I was keen to try their latest offering Down Town which luckily my brother got me for Christmas. 

They describe Down Town as having “bright top notes of Italian cedrat, bergamot and Tunisian neroli. For the middle notes, a contrast of pink peppercorn dusted over violet leaf and gardenia petals enhances the feminine sophistication. A dry down of Texan cedarwood with touches of incense, vetiver and warm velvet musks leaves an unmistakable, confident and sensual attitude. Down Town Calvin Klein balances feminine woods and a soft, floral scent to create a confident, modern fragrance with a unique signature and an unexpected edge.”

I find it the perfect mixture of light yet musky at the same time but if you like your perfumes to be fairly strong than this would probably work as more of a day time perfume for you.

Have you tried it? What is your favourite perfume?
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